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Alan Fletcher
Alan Fletcher

To millions of people all around the world he is Doctor Karl Kennedy from Australia’s longest running drama “Neighbours”. Alan has portrayed the role of Dr Karl for 25 years of the programs 29 year history.

An actor for over 30 years Alan has performed in over 60 theatrical productions, numerous television programs, mini-series and feature films and written and performed for radio drama and comedy.

Alan has gained a reputation as a fine music theatre performer and it was his interest in music as a guitarist and lyricist that inspired the creation of his rock band “Waiting Room” with friends Tommy Rando and Chris Hawker. Waiting Room released their debut album “In the Waiting Room” in May 2005.

In addition to his acting, Alan pursued a career in photography specializing in portraiture. In that time he gained a reputation as one of best headshot photographers within the Performing Arts community in Melbourne, Australia.

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