Dr Karl Kennedy

In August 1994 a wonderful thing happened for me. I was cast in the role of Dr Karl Kennedy in the Australian drama Neighbours first appearing in episode number 2242. (Currently I am shooting episode 7042!).

This stroke of good fortune was wonderful for two reasons. Firstly my wife, Jennifer,  was pregnant with our first child so a one year contract on a successful television show was very welcome. The second reason was having Jackie Woodburne cast as Susan Kennedy. Jackie and I had worked together before on the TV Drama Cop Shop and I was thrilled to work with her again, knowing the rapport we shared. In fact you can see the proof of that previous collaboration here : http://www.alanfletcher.net/fanzone/multimedia/videos/tv/index.html

I could never imagine that a one year contract would develop into a 20 year relationship with Neighbours. I can honestly say I derive as much pleasure working on the show today as I did all those years ago.

I have watched Neighbours grow through many incarnations. Every step of this growth has been an improvement in scripting and production that has led to the programme being of the highest standard, comparable to the best serial drama created anywhere in the world.

I have formed strong friendships and watched young performers develop and move on to great success in Australia and abroad.

Over time I will be adding additional material to this page and I would love you to contribute. Please email me through the contact page of the website (http://alanfletcher.net/contact-alan/) if you have photos or memories of the Kennedy family’s time on Ramsay Street that you are happy for me to share.

KENNEDY VIDEOS (Australian Audiences only)

For a select period Australian ISP holders can view tons of Kennedy Family videos on the official Neighbours You Tube page


The Perfect Blend

The definitive Neighbours website, the Perfect Blend,  has created a number of marvellous  Kennedy’s history pages worth a visit.





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