Dying For a Laugh – a short film

Mezzanine Films and BOS Films present


Written and Directed by Stig Wemyss

Based on an original idea by Alan Fletcher

DOP : Anthony Littlechild

Marty Moore was a highly regarded and successful stand up comic until a serious incident at a gig brought his star crashing to earth.

Now he is relegated to D class gigs such as children’s parties and even then he fails to cover himself in glory.

Finally, as his career languishes at rock-bottom,  Marty receives a booking that could help him restore his credibility and re-establish his credentials. But in Marty Moore’s life nothing ever goes to plan.

Dying for a Laugh stars Australian Comedy legend Marty Fields.

Also starring Darren Gilshenan, Abbe Holmes, Ben Pendergast, Sharon Davis, Finn Scicluna-O’Prey, Terry Norris, Jan Russ, Barry Friedlander, Marc Mazzeo and Brian Hannan.

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